Sunday, March 28, 2010

awesome weekend!

so i just got home from what i will say to be an awesome weekend=)! in point form as follows;

friday night whent for dinner
-had seafood fttacini (however you spell it) alfreado which i couldn't taste that well cuz i had a cold!
-spent time bonding with my asian group
-shared laughter and checked out the cute waitresses lol

afterwards whent for a poker tourney
-ate pizza, chips, had a beer, and lots of oven baked goods
-met new people
-came 5th place! which means i lost! lol
-spent some time with my god daughter... she is so awesome like for real! im completely in love with this little angel!

saturday morning
-had my meeting with my clients... whent SOOOOO well!!! im like 98% shure they're going to go with us. we had some good laughs and the wife really liked our product. so im excited about that cuz they're gonna make a decesion sometime tomorrow

saturday afternoon
-caught the 12:45 ferry
-met up with my some old high school friends of mine which was awesome cuz it made the trip that much better... we got to catch up which was really nice and i ate a burger for the first time in awhile.
-thought my best friend
- was gonna pick me up but turns up his sister (which is also like my lil siter) came to pick me up instead.
-we had awesome bonding time and listened to some kick ass country music
-she told me to go to this gala thin on thursday night so i guess i have my thursday night booked!
-whent to my best friend's place and helpped him fix the sink.... didn't really do much but criticzed
-had bonding time with his mom so that was pretty sweet
-drove to woodgrove and met up with sani cuz i told her i would swing by and say hi. should i mention tho her co worker was working and she is freakin gorgeouse! i mean she is beautiful! i would love to share the details but im gonna be selfish and keep it all to myself!!! BUAHAHA! but i do know im going back there next time i go to nan;)
-whent back to ben's place and chilled for a bit
-my dad came to pick me up cuz i told him i would help them move
-we hardley moved anything and ended up putting a table together... which we didn't even finish lol
-but we did have our bonding times too so that was pretty sick

saturday evening
-met up with my bro and whent to boston pizza cuz i told jen we would swing by and visit her
-had a beer with salt which was pretty disgusting.... best friend loved it tho.
-split a spaghetti cuz apparently its too big. lemme tell you tho it was freakin GOOD!!! the meatballs were so good. maybe its cuz i haven't had it in awhile but shyt i wanted to order more.
-of course we got jen to serve us and yes she did do pretty well... except the fact she told me the wrong directions to the bathroom, gave ben a broken glass, didn't give us lime for our corrona cuz apparently they rean out! but she did hook us up with some balloons and her smiling made up for the rest=). *korny alert!
-we didn't know what to do after so we asked jen if we could go over.
-she was game so we grabbed pizza cuz i knew she was hungry! whent to her place and the story ends there! just kidding... we ended up playing COD and she completely kicked our ass. umm literally had us for breakfast... it was soo bad... and the worse part she would be giggling everytime after she killed us! cute lil asian girl beating us in a shooting game?!??! not fun at all! but we did have tons of good laugh so it was all worth it... thanks jen=)

-got ben to drop me off my dad's place
-ate a mighty breakfast... 5 sausages and 3 eggs=)
-then hellped them move the whole day!!!
-so awesome cuz all of us were working together and we were getting awesome results
-definately bonded alot closer with my dad and my brothers which was one of the things i wanted to do while i was over.
-ate subway for lunch with chocolate milk... mMMmmm it was pretty good too!
for dinner my dad made this killer rice dish with the most tender pork i've ever had.... it was fucken amazing! like gimme 3 more servings kinda deal haha.
-afterwards he dropped me off and we got to talk father to son on the way to the ferry which was really nice.
-on the ferry met an old friend of mine i used to go to school with... we chit chatted for a bit and then whent our separate ways.

all in all this weekend to me was awesome! i achieved so many of my driving needs its unbelievable.... i followed through with the commitment i made of going to the island which im proud of. i got to connect better with my brothers and my dad which was the key purpose of going in the first place. all the other events were a super HUGE bonus. i love spending time with my best freind... he's such an awesome guy. although we didn't spend as much time together this time as we normally would, it was still nice to see him again and have our bro talks. seeing sani, her co worker, jen, old high school friends, and co workers, i forgot to mention i met some of em on the ferry back, was such a huge treat for me.... i value the relationships that i have with all people around me and i would like for that to grow stronger over time. like jen was such an awesome person to chill with... for real! good laughs and shyt. and i know she let me kill her a couple times so i wouldn't feel as TINY! but she's not afraid to show who she is, and definately up for pizza if it was there=P... thanks for such an awesome weekend. im glad i got to go cuz if i didn't. none of this would have happened=)... much love always.


  1. Leo!

    Don't have time to read your longass blog now because it's almost dinner time, but cool blog! :) Same theme as me...haha Come check out my beauty blog, even though you probably won't be applying any tips to yourself.

  2. why thank you my dear! lol i didn't think anybody would read my blogs=P... but yeh that's one thing we have in common eh. the theme kinda stood out for me and i couldn't resist... but enjoy my blogs. i love writing so don't expect any short and sweet ones=P. catch you later Sheena.