Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3rd time is a charm!

holy motherfuck me! just got home from a poker tourney and lost 80 bucks!!! i know.... not so much of a big deal... but that coulda led to 2 more armani shirts!!! arghhh. *end vent

on the flip side of that tho cuz there's always the positives. i got to connect alot stronger with a good buddy of mine. actually come to think of it he's one of my best friends=). i know korny... but true! so deal with it! but yeh... after this past weekend im starting to value the poeple that i have around me. i know the ones in whom i wanna be close to. its so clear to me how important relationships truely are. ummm... i thank god for telling me to go tonight. cuz really i was planning on bailing out again! one of the things i wanted to work on was with following through with my commitments... but i am forever grateful that my subconciouse told me to go. as the days go by im learning more about what this 'life' really is to me. i can make it anything i want it to be. all it takes is MY decision... and i know from then on nothing can stop me. and i got to see one of my god daughters today! she's so fucken cute and adorable. my goodness!!!! gave me the fattest hug... told her i missed her. and i was like... did you miss ninong (god father) and she was all like yehhh... and then i said i love you to her and she said i love you back to me. so fucken cuuuuuteee!!!!

on another flip side i found the house i wanna buy.... its super fucken beautiful! fuck sakes it cost 25 mio! but having faith by my side i know it can be achievable=)

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