Monday, March 22, 2010

this is the first of many to come

so yeh... this is the first time i've used this thing. main purpose in blogging for me is to start writing again. i found out over the weekend how much i enjoyed writing so here it goes.

this is the day after i just finished taking the 'wall'. for some that don't know what it is, its part 2 of a 3 part program in the excellence series seminar. i can honestly say im a completely different person! i have never viewed life the way i see it now. its just unbelievable! for me success was always haveing the nice cars, huge house, yacht, plane etc... but now its a whole new meaning. i wish i can put into words what this new found feeling is. really i do. but mahn i gotta tell you its amazing!

started my new HIIT program this morning so im pretty stoked about that. gained 2 pounds over the week so i gotta get focused again. had an awesome back workout. the v-taper is definately coming in real nice. and abs too. i can feel em' there... theres just that layer of fat i gotta get rid of. i know i can do it. with more patience and determintation i know i can get there. holy shyt just thought of sumin. i was stumbling through my old files and i found my before pic of me! can you say EWWWWWW!!!! holy shyt was i ever fat lol... i didn't know i got that big. but thank got i lost most of it. actually im at 50 pounds weight lost to date so im pretty stoked about that.

hmmm... gonna start reading 'how to win friends and influence people' tonight so im pretty stoked about that. its so awesome how there's an unlimited amount of information in this world and we have full access to it! i look at the world now as a huge school. i mean in terms of learning and education of course=P. but anyways laundry is done and i gotta start folding my clothes. its gonna be hella fun!

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