Saturday, March 27, 2010

recovery day

k first its not like im recovering from a hangover or anything like that lol... i just didn't feel like blogging last night! but yeh ever have those days or those moments when you kinda just don't care? like i don't know if it was the fact i wouldn't stop sneezing, or my runny nose, or th fact i cheated on my diet again! but i just felt like i could care less last night! i knew i had to choice on bettering the situation... but i didn't even bother! kinna sad but i guess everyone has those moments right?
anyways i just finished my meeting with my clients.... they seemed pretty interested in the products so im hoping they'll go with us=).... holla make money money make money money! lol. so yeh.... just sitting in my office checkin' out some homes in texas.... found a really sick one i wanna get. its absolutely gorgeouse! its right on the lake and it's got like little boat garage place that you can park your boat in. its saweeet!!! can't wait to have all the amasing parties there. fly all my family and freinds and spend time making memories... ahhh.... i can just see it now. . here is the link is you wanna take a look at it=).
funny thing... i finally had the balls to approuch this girl at the gym yesterday. the whole front row of treadmills weren't beeing used and there's like 15 of em'. she was on the one and i hopped on the one right beside her! LOL! it was awesome.... anyways we got the chance to talk for like 5 min cuz that's how long i go for for my cool down. made her laugh, she made me laugh... all in all it was pretty good. as i was leaving she looked at me and smile and i couldn't help but wink and smile back. yeh i know... *korny alert! but yeh... after breaking through that wall i felt relieved, happy, excited, accomplished, and so on! it felt great. now i just gotta take those emotions into acount the next time i hit a wall. its gonna be an awesome life=D!

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