Tuesday, March 23, 2010

day 2=)

so i mentioned the book how to win friends and influence people to my co worker and he told me not to read it! apparently it teaches you ways of manipulating people and shyt so im not down with. so instead im gonna read the monk who sold his ferrari=)

really stoked today cuz i baught multi vitamins! lol. not only that i finally said hi to this one girl i've been so hesitant on for like months! feels nice to overcome it and when i walked by her she gave me a cute lil smile. totally made my day! chest workout today was awesome. and yeh watching vids on youtube inspired me to work on my 8 pack that much more!

on another note im really REALLY liking my support group from the wall. can you say 'kick-ass' people?!?!?! so awesome.... tuesday were gonna be meeting up for dinner so i guess i can go for a cheat meal. prolly have smoked salmon or some kind of wrap. im just lookin forward to see how everyone's first week went. the things that have changed, and of course the updates in my life.

and for this weekend im going to the island!!!! im so excited for it. im gonna meet alot of my driving needs i know that much=)... im just really excited about life right now... i mean im understanding it and its great... from here on in it will get better. with faith by my side i know anything is possible=)! and of course i have god to guide me every step of the way too!

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