Thursday, March 25, 2010

confession pt2

kay so obviousely i didn't learn from my frist one! i ended up going for ribs and nachos for dinner! FML!!! but on the flip side we did get some bonding time... just us boys. and as a bonus we had skanky looking waitresses to look at... yum yum;).
but yeh today i got to work at like 12ish... absolutely horrible! 3 oclock came around pretty quick. but a highlite tho i had a customer come in and i've met him before. to my understanding i lost the entire agreement. but he comes out of no where and of course i couldn't meet with him cuz i was out for fucken chinese food. but anyways i spoke with him and again and booked an appointment for saturday. im pretty excited for actually. i mean i already thought i lost it so when i do sign this portion of the contract it'll be like a bonus=). a downer tho i don't get to spend as much time on the island as i had hoped. missing my brother's friend's party, missing time with my best friend. and im not a fan of going to the island for just 1 night either. but yeh the point is ill still be going. actually even thinking of going again next weekend. and this time be leaving on a friday like i had planned! but fuck me i made a commitment to go to an event on saturday... then another invitation came up for that same night! ayahhh!!!! and i don't wana keep letting people down either... im done with that. one thing i told myself is to keep getting better at following through with my committments. i guess with each one i commit to the easier it gets? i shure hope so... i mean it is tough but the pay off you get out of it is awesome! mabee if i focused more on the other side of that wall it'll be alot easier for me. i know through time it will keep getting better right=).
haha funny thing.... when we were checking those girls out i was like... mahn i want some ass!!! LOL... so maybe if i keep putting it out there itll happen? lol
i was thinking the other day too... mabee im ready to be in a relationship again=)... i mean its almost been a year since my last and i've been through a ton of changes since then. really i wanted to find myself again... i turned into a monster with my last relationship... i figured it wouldn't be faire for the other party to have me but for her not to see the tru Leo that i know.... i wouldn't ask otherwise if i were in her shoes right=)... i do know when the time comes it will happen. and when it does i will pour out my love to her and she damn well better do the same! buahaha!!! actually i don't ask for nothing in return. i know what i've got to offer. so however she reacts will be a bonus=)

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