Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a mix of procastination and laziness!

so it's been a week since my last entry! here we go...

so yeh last tuesday i met up with my wall group. i got to tell them about my weekend on the island which was pretty kool. the best part tho was i got to hear how my group's 1st week whent as well. beeing with these guys is awesome! Sheena, Kenny, Mel and Sienna are like the coolest people ever!!! a member did join us that night tho which made it a whole lot better! she was facing a wall herself about joining us for dinner... shitty i know! but she ended up coming out and she definately was happy she came... or at least i think she is? haha. it does feel nice to share your life with people, especially the ones that actually want to hear it. i am truly blessed i have such a wonderful group and i can totally see us as life long friends=)

the rest of the week from what i remember was pretty aite. thursday afternoon i took the ferry to nanaimo. my best friend's sister wanted me to go to some gala fund raiser thing so i couldn't say no. especially when it was for a good couse. the part that pissed me off was Ben (my best friend) told me there was gonna be tons of food. and it turned out we had people waling around with only 3 different kinds of finger food! unfceken real! not only that we were told to dress formal so of course i looked slick;)... and we got there and people were in like jeans and day to day clothing! but looking at the bright side... i did get to spend some time with ben, andrea (his sister), and andrea's friend - which is why ri wanted me to come out in the first place. to meet her friend! lol. but ben and i did stand out from the crowd so it did feel nice. then after the show, cuz there was a play. actually it was like showing the lives of 8 differnt people i think? great show i might add. some parts almost put me to sleep, but others made me almost pee myself lol. anyways after the show one of the actors said to us that when ben and i walked in... this chick was like 'OoOOoo who are those 2 guys'... TOTALLY MADE MY NIGHT!!!

then friday came it was a pretty chill day. woke up to the craziest weather ever!!! it was raining so hard it was awesome! when to the gym about 11ish and i was sooooo pumpped to work out... like i knew i was gonna rip some shyt up kinda pumpped! long story short it was a pretty horrible workout... it started with the fact i had to pay a drop in... which is bullshyt cuz my gym gives you like a 3 day free trial or whatever. then the equipment i wasn't used to... the cardio machines were pretty brutal and on on... on the plus side i did bump into an old friend of mine that i havne't seen since i graduated. it was nice to catch up. but although it wasn't the workout i expected, at least i was still there. then night time came and we made the sickest dinner ever! incredible chicken that ben and i made, and mashed potatoes that bus made and the corn... freakin awesome! then got a txt from sani and jen to go out clubbing! so ben and i got ready and headed for the club. clubbing in nanaimo = mediocre time. lol. i saw soooooo many people that i haven't seen in like forever! it was awesome!!! had a couple drinks and it turne out to be a pretty good night.

saturday was the bbq at ben's place. it turned out pretty good. considering the fact we forgot to make mashed potatoes!!! don't know how that got by all of us. but yeh the food was great and rock band kicked ass! played a couple rounds of halo which i haven't played in like ever. then after ej (my flip buddy) told me to go over his buddies place cuz it was his birthday. holy crap more food!!! the party was awesome too. got to see my flip crew again and owned there ass in poker haha. i ate again of course... no bullshyt i had like 3 plates of noodles. used the 'i need it for protein' excuse and obviousely it didn't work cuz noodles are carbs haha. but mahn cathing up with the crew was awesome. i look back now and i know soooo many people. like everwhere i whent i knew somebody. oh yeh i feel hella special;) haha. but good times with my flip boyz. definately gonna do it again.

sunday we whent to comox to pick up ben's mom. before that we stopped for some breakfast at a place called 'plates fine dinery'... it was called that cuz they had tons of license plates all over the restaurant. go figure eh lol. but breakfast was a whole nother story. first of all we were so fascinated by the different kinds of plates there were, the menue i couldn't decide, my drink i couldn't decide... mahn i've never laughed as much as i did eating breakfast that day. i took a huge stretch and found a basket of mint chocolate (one of the server's counter was behind our table). so ever so often i would jack one. it was freakin amazing!!! best mint chocolate ever. tasted like the after 8 ones but much thicker. awesome breakfast! then after we picked up ben's mom we whent home and played army of 2... kick ass game! then we had to pick up his dad from the airport. it was nice seeing his parents again cuz i havne't seen them in awhile. then after i got ben to drop me off at my dad's and brother's place. that was pretty awesome too. got to spend some time with them. had a kick ass turkey dinner. then for dessert my brotehrs and i whent to DQ to pick up that soft ice cream while my dad put the apple pie in the oven. we got home mixed it all up and it was heaven on earth!!! it was soooooo fcuken good! omg. then after dinner i had to cath the ferry home. my buddies got drunk so i had to bus my ass home! fcuk sakes lol. but on the plus side i do know a way to get home faster then the route i was thinking of in the first place=)... got home and past out!

yesterday was hella busy at work! my goodness no shyt all i had to eat yesterday was freakin protein powder! had a customer come all the way from Squamish to see us and that meeting whent pretty well too. also it was day 1 of a 90 day 6 pack challenge. so meh it was aite. but yeh super busy at work... awesome workout at the gym. great back and abs workout.

today again work was busy! its fcuken awesome how busy its getting tho... i have a verbal commitment from a house im doing in Whistler, and my other customer said she will be giving me a deposit for her order as well tomorrow for my project in squamish. i have all these projects im working on right now and im freakin' loving!!! keep showering me with more business please so i can be BIG BALLEN=). thank you! today i did chest and 11 min of HIIT. it was great! at the gym there was this super fcuken gorgeouse blonde... omg she's so fucken hot... last time i saw her she miled at me.... and then today she smiled at me again!!!! can you say saweeeeetttt!!! lol. anyways fcuken gorgeouse! totally made my workout that much better haha. and now im doing laundry... i actually like it cuz after i get clean clothes=P. haha. i was planning on bloggin last night to catch up but i spent like an hour and a halfe writing this super long email to my wall group. lemme tell you tho it was worth it=).

all in all the last week has been pretty kick ass! gained 6 and a halfe pounds cuz i wouldn't stop eating! lol. met tons of my driving needs and built stronger relationships with the people im close to. much fcuken love to life right now.... enjoying every minute of it!!! until next time;)

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