Thursday, April 8, 2010


so today was pretty good tooo.. busy at work. had a cheque come in so yes another contract closed=D. and got to work out this morning although i was under the impression i wouldn't have time to. spent time with joanna (one of my ex's) and this time it was actually pretty kool. we headed over to metro... ended up shopping for ourselfs which defeated the purpose as to why we whent there in the first place (to buy chelzy her bday present - close friend of ours). but yeh it was good fun. she wants to chill again but this time she wants me to go with her to get her neck pierced! i think its fcuken discusting! but whatever.

so my customer is driving me nuts... all this pricing and negotiating bullshyt. i mean it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't have this clusterfuck attittude and she was a little bit more reasonable on her proposals. like fuck she wants me to include this, reduce that, fuck sakes. after reading that email for some reason just threw off my whole day. almost didn't end up bloggin because of that! fcuk me. whatever im about ready to tell her to buy from a different supplier. fcukeneh! on the bright side i closed 75k within 24 hours? yeap that's right;).

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