Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a 21 out of 10 day today!

all i can say is WOW. for real! had a sick ass day at work today. closed 2 deals totalling at 57k. and i did all that in 1 day! fcken rights! have a cheque coming in also and should be here sometime this week... and i have 2 more projects that are looking pretty good too. wow i really think i can pull off 100k in sales this week alone! im fcken excited! and my wourkout routine... flawless! diet... i should be eating more but i've been so busy with work. at least im eating the right foods tho=).

one thing i forgot to mention on my last blog... over the weekend i did 2 easter egg hunts! not 1 but 2! i haven't done one of those in like ever!!! it was so awesome... made me feel like a kid again lol. first was at ben's... buds (his older sister) set out all the chocolates for us.... so sweet of her! then the 2nd was at my dad's and brother's place. zach (the youngest) tried knocking me and brody down (the middle) and we ended pushing him back. we agreed that next year were gonna go at with gloves... it'll be the sickest brawl over easter eggs haha. anyways... have another busy day again tomorrow... off to bed i go. goodnight world peeps!

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