Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bachata dance;)

i recently just discovered a new passion of mine=D!!! i wanna learn how to dance bachata! it is incredible! ill try to explain into words how i felt watching this vedeo.

in simplest terms it was like watching the couples make love on the dance floor. you can feel the passion and affection the dancers have towards one another. it is beautiful... truely is. i now want to learn. oh my god its like discovering a new part of me that was waiting to come out... made me feel like a kid again. haha. so fucken cheezy but i could care less! im so happy i got to learn this new insight about myself. and definately going to do sumin about it. i fell in love the first time i watched them dance. one day ill be that guy and my partner is going to be amzing.

here is the link... i can't stop watching it!!! lol

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