Monday, April 12, 2010

an end to a good weekend=)

met up with my group from the wall - FREAKIN awesome as always! sheena and kenny had us over at there place for some din din... which im gonna add... kicked ass! we had some laughs, lots actually... a few tears, and alot of heart felt moments. when i whent i kept telling myself that there was nothing wrong with me. that everything was fine in my life. boy was i wrong! i have my group to thank for for my realization. at that moment i was beating the shyt out of myself. i felt about one one hundredths my size. i have lots to work on. definately not afraid to admit that=)

whent to my friend's event - celebration for her first year divorce. weird eh lol. but anyways it was good times... got to see people i havne't seen for awhile so that was kool. my ex was there too and it was aite. what upsets me is how nice she is in front of my face... then over txt she's different. i've always told myself to befriend my exes. but i now realise fuck it. for real. i try so hard to be that 'nice' guy. that fucken angel. the one that tries to make it right all the time. but with her... fuck it. thats all i can say.... looking back i wouldn't change anything... but fuck it whatever right? life's got its moments and it aint it always gonna be friendly. neither am i. but who gives a shyt right? for real... gave her back her ring i baught her cuz i wanted to take the 'high' road. i shoulda known better. but i knew at that point in my life i was doing sumin right. no regrets tho right? yehhh... amen brotha... amen!

whent to church for the first time in ever!!! actually since vday. haha i remember cuz that day my 2 buddies and i whent for all you can eat sushi ate so much and all 3 of us puked it all out=). but yeh i was late cuz of traffic! damiit traffic on a sunday? so i missed the beginning which sucked cuz it was the singing part. but the rest of the service was good=). signed up for a 3 day retreat which didn't even cost that much. all i know is everything happens for a reason. today was the last day to sign up for it and i didn't even know. so thank you god. i appreciate your timing. afterwards i came home and cleaned my room, can you say spotless? watched brroklyn's finest.... now i wanna fill up my washing machine full of cash LOL. till tomorrow folks. god bless.

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